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Gandhi Group of Companies:  

Bravo Home Products:(Parent)

Hybird Electric (Div) ( Coming Soon )

P.C. Technology (Div)

Gandhi Machine Works(Div) 

The Blind Factory(Div)  

Bravo Window Fashion(Div)

Bravo Windows & Doors(Div)

Bravo Screens (Div)

Bravo EzBuild(Div)

Flex A Screens (Div)

Ecom Secure Inc

GOPOS (Div Ecom) 


Operations and Sales

Sales Phone: 1-800-446-1626

Local Phone(250) 386-1626

Email:  [email protected]

Head Office , Research  and Development


Phone: 1-877-937-3206

Local Phone(250) 386-1616

Email:  [email protected]